About my work

My aim as your counsellor is to facilitate the development of a therapeutic relationship that provides the opportunity for a growth process, inherent in you, to become actualised. As a person-centred counsellor, my approach to therapy is based on the understanding that each person is motivated towards constructive development but that life and our social circumstances often prevent us from reaching our potential, achieving our goals and, as a consequence, we can experience emotional and psychological distress.

The psychological distress that people can experience is unique to each person and my aim as your counsellor is to facilitate and develop a deeper understanding of the nature of your distress, what psychological needs you are striving for and, to support you in reaching and meeting these needs. Commonly, people will refer to labels such as depression, anxiety or use other diagnostic terms to describe forms of distress. These labels are often a useful shorthand for what can be quite complicated and difficult to change psychological and emotional processes. Whether you find using these terms useful or not does not affect the way that I will work in our therapy.

In my work with clients, we develop new ways for you to understand yourself, to become clearer about your feelings, learn in more depth how and what needs to change for you to experience a more satisfying life.

I hold the view that each person, whether young or old, has vast potential and resources for change and that there is little by way of a problem in life that cannot to some degree be improved. This is a view of human nature that is positive, constructive and hopeful.

I am experienced in working with adults, children and young people. I am currently working online and on the telephone with clients and face to face.

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